How can Energy Psychology help me?

Have you tried positive thinking, affirmations, and talk therapy / willpower - with limited results? The solution is Energy Psychology!

With all the wisdom and insight we gain over the years from self-help books, tapes, videos and seminars - why doesn't your life look like the wisdom you possess?

This system is the key to permanent change - even at the cellular level - including the way your DNA expresses itself.

Dr. Deb facilitates moving the wisdom of the client's conscious mind into their subconscious. So instead of being an effort everyday to "try to do this or try to stop doing that", your responses would be fully automatic  and ingrained - no more day-to-day struggle!

My Approach

Dr. Deb specializes in using the mind-body interface of muscle testing - kinesiology - to access the client's current self-limiting beliefs. She then effects swift and long lasting change by making use of left / right brain integration techniques: Psych-K, Hypnosis / EFT tapping.

Self-limiting beliefs at the subconscious level can be undone, while assuring that safe and appropriate goals are chosen to replace those beliefs. My goal is to move the wisdom of the conscious mind into the client's subconscious mind - freeing them from old patterns and choices - so they may start living life in a new, happier and healthier way.


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