Doctor of Chiropractic

Bachelor of Science, Human Biology

Bachelor of Arts, Linguistics

Qualified Medical Examiner, State of California

Craniosacral Therapy Certification, Upledger Institute

Somato Emotional Release CetificationUpledger Institute

Science of Intuition Certification, Holos Institute of Health from Dr. Norman Shealy & Caroline Myss

Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification, American Institute of Hypnotherapy 

NeuroModulation Technique Training, Dr. Feinberg - Originator

Healing with Love Certification, Dr. Leonard Laskow - Originator

Dr. Debra Morris

Energy Psychology 

Dr. Deb is best known for her signature Energy Psychology approach to helping clients achieve optimal health and happiness in their lives.

She is able to blend caring and humor into her unique style of working. She believes that insight, understanding and compassion are all essential components of her work. Clients know that they will be heard without judgement, leading them to quicker, positive and permanent personal growth.

Dr. Deb is passionate about her client's well-being. All of her work is permission based and verifiable. Her work is a blend of listening and understanding, thus facilitating the client to create and balance for goals that serve their unique challenges.

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